Over the years WhatsApp has come to be the most popular instant messaging platform which connects more than one billion people across the globe. Whatsapp allows these users to share instant messages and even multimedia files. You are also allowed to make a call for free and no restrictions on how long the call should be are in place. You can talk until your internet bundles are over. This app is compatible with nearly all smartphones and a desktop version can also be used for convenience. The app works on all network platforms; Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

Once installed, you are requested for your phone number which you enter on the screen and the server sends a confirmation code to your phone which proves that you are the owner of the phone number. This will save you from logging in every time you want to use the application. The app automatically integrates your contacts into the system and sorts out those who have already installed WhatsApp into their android phones. Push notifications are integrated into a feature of the app so that when you get a message you are notified in a pop-up. This will ensure that new messages do not hinder your normal phone usage.

Features of Whatsapp

  • Free phone calls to anybody with WhatsApp
  • Has more than one billion users
  • Allows group text messaging
  • No need to register as only your phone number is used
  • Allows users to send free SMS and MMS

Why you should get Whatsapp?

The subscription fee for WhatsApp is said to be 0.99 dollars annually after using it for a year for free. This is very sensible considering that you can send millions of messages per day. The application is simple and lite and when downloaded takes about 18.6 MB of the storage of your phone memory. The app has a very high privacy and all messages are encrypted end to end. In theory, this makes it the most secure app available for instant messaging.

WhatsApp is very popular because of the fun features it contains. This app is the first one to set the pace to the tick system where one tick means the message is sent, two ticks mean a delivered message and three tics means the message has been read. In group chats, the two ticks turn blue when the message is read. WhatsApp is constantly undergoing upgrades and changes and in the more recent versions you can even turn off group notifications.


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