WeChat is also referred to as Weixin in China. This is a mobile messaging app from Tencent an internet company in China which was founded in 1998. It has become the most powerful smartphone app in China today and the fever is spreading fast to other countries. WeChat supports many international languages like English, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Indonesian and much more.

Released in in the year 2011 WeChat has gained a lot of popularity over the years. By the year 2014, WeChat had more than 396 million active users. This app is compatible with all the major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Symbian.This app has an intuitive and simple to use interface. When you hover over an icon in the interphase, a detailed how to information message appears which helps you learn the functions of that particular icon.

WeChat is known for its famous feature where you can use the friend radar feature after turning on the location services. This feature allows you to shake your phone and instantly connects you to someone who is shaking their phone at that same time no matter what location they are in in the world. You can then start a conversation with this new friend. Language is not a barrier with this app because you can simply translate the text into your own language.

Features of WeChat

  • Integration with social accounts
  • Hundreds of free stickers
  • With just a mobile number, you can easily integrate
  • Packed with many features that you may want in a messaging app
  • Free to download and use
  • Can be installed on many mobile platforms

Why should you download WeChat?

With WeChat, you can send many free text and picture messages, voice and video messages; make free voice and video calls. With the group enabled chat functionalities, you can create a chat group or be added to one. With WeChat can also send voice messages to multiple users at the same time, (broadcast messages). The walkie talkie mode is a favorite of many people and is the most used feature. Other important services that you can get from downloading this app is the location sharing option, contacts sharing, games sharing and even share your moments. You can share your moments through WeChat directly to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike other similar messaging apps in the market today, WeChat offers an additional functionality of free voice and video calls, sharing of moments and games, and a link to other social network platforms. This additional functionality makes it convenient for download and the app is absolutely free.


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