UC Browser

Developed by Chinese mobile internet company, UC Browser is a mobile browser known for its abundance of cool features. It was officially launched in 2004 and supports a large number of platforms including blackberry, android, iOS, Java ME, Windows Phone, Symbian and Microsoft Windows. This browser is fast because it uses data compression and data acceleration technology. This technology compresses data of web pages before sending the information thus making the web content load faster due to its smaller size.

The Android downloads of UC Browser have reached a record breaking number of more than 500 million after its launch. The app has a gesture control feature that you can use to perform many different functions. The cricket card feature for cricket fans is also unique to this browser. Users can search for the most updated cricket live, the scores and cricket related information can be searched for using this feature.

When the data is compressed it not only speeds the loading of pages but also helps you use fewer data bundles. As a result, the more that you browse using UC Browser, the more data you save and the less money you will use for the internet.

UC Browser features

  • Inbuilt ad blocking feature
  • Has a download manager
  • Low memory usage
  • Saves pages for offline reading
  • Pause downloads and resume automatically when you have internet connection
  • Go incognito when browsing
  • Reader mode, flash support, and full-screen mode
  • Share a web page or internet content to several social media platforms

Why should you get UC Browser?

UC Browser gives you access to different categories of videos according to taste. Included in these categories are anime, trailers, girls, war films, clips and even humor. You can watch these movies and series directly from UC Browser. The Facebook mode also speeds up Facebook no matter what connection you are using.

The simple interface is also a major reason for you to switch to UC Browser. The browser also notifies you of various actions. This ability to notify users is very helpful because once you sign in to Facebook using this browser, you get timely notifications when someone messages you or likes your post or pic in Facebook.

This browser is a very convenient alternative to other browsers available in the market. This is because it has tempting features like fast browsing speed, ability to browse different pages smoothly at the same time, the night mode, gesture controls ability to save data and much more. Get it today to experience worry free browsing.

UC Browser

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