SHAREIt is an app which lets you transfer files from one type of device to another type. The devices can either be a phone, tablet or even a computer. Files such as videos, photos, and apps are all easily transferred from one device to another with SHAREIt. The only thing that you require is an android device and a reliable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

SHAREIt can only communicate with other SHAREIt enabled devices and it does not use data when transferring files. SHAREIt works by creating a wireless connection which connects directly to up to five devices and acts like a small network. The files are then easily sent from one device to another. SHAREIt also has a feature that let you clone your device and send all its contents to another device.

Once all your files are transferred, the app automatically disables the wireless transfer connection and goes back to the normal connection. The app is easy to install and use. It also undergoes frequent upgrades so that more features are incorporated. This app is very convenient and safe beyond any reasonable doubt as proven by millions of users who have used it and given positive feedbacks.

Features of SHAREIt

  • Supports multiple devices at the same time
  • Transfer huge files in seconds, SHAREIt
  • Two camera function
  • You can share all types of files including even contacts
  • SHAREIt devices can automatically connect when in range
  • Does not need an internet connection to work is 40 times faster than Bluetooth
  • Share the app itself with other devices

Why you should get SHAREIt?

This app from Lenovo is powerful and helps transfer files via bluetooth or wifi connection with a super speed. The app has three versions one for android, another for iOS and another for the PC. This app is very useful and can be downloaded for free. With this app, you will have no need for bulky cables to transfer files from one device to another.

This amazing app delivers your files to the required destination very fast and ensures there is no loss in quality of the file. The app comes with an advanced security layer whose main function is to protect unauthorized users from accessing your files during transfers. It also has a feature for backing up phone contacts and data. This is a must app for sharing files with friends and families across multiple devices. Get it today to save time and transfer files absolutely free with no hassles.


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