This is an excellent tool recommended for creating photos editing them and sharing them with your friends on social media. PicsArt is unique because it has more features than other similar apps. It has an amazingly intuitive interface making it the world’s most popular tool for editing pictures. This is because the developers wrapped the best features that desktop photo and other image editing tools and created an amazing app.

PicsArt – photo creativity at the next level

The ‘magic effects’ lets users apply filters that are similar to the ones found in Instagram. The effects are many and you have access to photo effects such as cartoonizer, watercolor, holgaart, pencil, sketcher, neon, red eye remover and much more. Released in 2010, PicsArt has been downloaded by more than 400 million people worldwide.

The picsArt app collage maker has 100s of free temples and you can download others for a small fee. The active users of PicsArt upload thousands of new unique images daily which can be used as a background. This is the best place to make collages because you have many different features and options that you can use for the best results. The app is easy to use and you can make grid collages, template collages, and even the free style arrangement collages.

Features of PicsArt

  • Edit photos with different frames, masks, colligates, frames, borders and much more
  • Create digital drawings
  • Communicate with other people on social media and share pictures
  • Enhanced camera which lets you take pictures and apply different effects
  • Personalize your photos
  • Has several languages that you can use

Why you should get PicsArt?

PicsArt has over 1000 free features that make it ideal for users to edit their photos. All the picture editing tools have a brush mode which is used for fine tuning or applying to a certain part of your photo. You can also create awesome double exposure photos with this app. This can be achieved by using photo layers with adjustable transparency. Memes can be created by applying unique texts in the free to edit photos from your friends or even your own.

For drawing and camera, the app has customizable layers and brushes including also the personal drawing tools. The app over the years is also known for photo remixing where you can take a free to edit an image and editing it then uploading it back to the PicsArt community. This remixing evolved to a fun way to chat with your friends known as a remix chat. Get this app today to create unique and wonderful pictures that you can share with your friends.


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