Photo Grid

This is a must have app for all those photography fanatics and Instagram addicts out there. With this, you can edit and create your own personalized photos and videos. The app has all manner of features that you can ever need to create the perfect memory. Features like memes, scrap book, video collage, pic collage, crop, stickers, blur, retouch and much more will help you spice up your pictures and videos.

With Photo Grid, you can either use up to 15 photos (or four videos) to create a college in a grid layout or with up to 9 photos create a scrapbook style picture. If you decide to use the grid option, you will get access to many tools for editing. You can change the background of your pictures, use different filters and borders and even draw shapes and add stickers. The template grids available also help to boost your creativity.

Creating a scrap book also follows a similar process to the photo grid. Here you can edit each photo on its own and generally play around with the photo to experiment what suits it best. To quickly change the layout of the photo you just need to quickly shake the phone.

Features of Photo Grid

  • Popular and free
  • 300+ million users worldwide
  • Has 100+ facial recognition filters
  • Beautify your photos
  • Retouch your pictures
  • Create slideshows
  • Combine your videos and photos
  • Camera with special effects for selfies and videos
  • Much more features

Why should you get Photo Grid?

Photo Grid has a bonus in its high-resolution export functions that allows users after editing their photos to share them via social media platforms like Instagram and even Facebook messenger. This is a very helpful feature as it saves time and ensures that the picture or video that you will send is the correct one. Users also have an option of saving it to their phones in either JPG or PNG formats. These files can be saved in different resolutions either in your phone or to dropbox.

The simple interphase of Photo Grid makes it easy to use. The well-designed interface does not need a tutorial and even beginners can create a masterpiece within minutes by using just one step. You should get this app today for an opportunity to turn your regular photos into professional looking scrapbooks and collages. You can also transform your videos from basic to fantastic looking.

Photo Grid

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