This is a social platform that lets you explore and discover what level of creativity you can reach in making awesome videos. This app also gives users access to different varieties of music and short videos. This platform has quickly risen to become the most popular app for people who want to create different videos as it also brings together these artists and everybody can interact freely and share different ideas.

Users of the app can share favorite music and videos on other social media platforms like Facebook, Vine, Instagram, WhatsApp, or even Twitter. The app boasts of a database of more than 30 million videos all uploaded by users all over the world.  The app is easy to install and it has an interactive interface for all age groups and especially teens.

The app requires Android 4.1 and above. It currently has more than 50 million downloads and it’s an app that is regularly updated by the developers The top categories of products in are music, comedy, talent, fashion & beauty, vlog, and animals. Users can also like, comment, ask questions, start a duet or even shoot a video using the same clip on another person’s is a platform and a real chance of becoming a star on different stages. It is a talent show that has more tools and time allowance than similar apps like the vine. There is also a leaderboard highlighting the best `musers’.

Features of

  • Crazy video effects
  • Various tools and widgets to make your video more entertaining
  • Ability to save private videos
  • Acting and singing all in the same app

Why you should get can record a video in Epic, Fast, Slow, Normal and Times Lapse Mode that are very useful in taking videos. Users can also apply filters or tinker around. The app also basically offers challenges and contests through the social network. It is a perfect app for video lovers and has a perfect interaction with its users. This is the best place to show off your dance skills and even lip sync with your friends.

The app is way better than Dubsmash or any other similar app in the market. The app is perfect for uploading videos, remixing other people’s work and even browsing popular content. The app has a great talent section that includes sing, dance, magic and much more.

Join today that is the largest creative platform in the world today. Make awesome and interesting videos that will make you popular from your Android device.

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