JOOX Music

JOOX Music app will allow Android owners to stream free music and also download among the millions of tracks online. Users can discover great new music with the special playlists from the best team of editors.  The app offers instant access to music from all over the world.

JOOX Music is the leading music streaming application

Users can customize their playlist for every occasion. You can also get closer to your favorite artist in JOOX Live through live broadcasting. The app is relatively small and it is easy to install. The app will also help you share through WeChat with both friends and family.

The music player is not only based on the artists and albums but also on the folder structure. This is an ability to play all your songs folder by folder. A user can also easily pull the playlist to edit it. It also supports notification status and you can dynamically change the background style to any criteria.

The latest update of the app brought to life a version like no other. It has Karaoke Plus and users can sing and record any number of songs they like. You can also start Karaoke easily while listening to music.

Features of JOOX Music

  • A huge and diverse library
  • High-quality streaming
  • JOOX Radio that has over 50 radios
  • Recommended playlists
  • Ability to edit the details of the song
  • Play on demand
  • Personalized music
  • Sleep timer
  • Support screen WIDGETS
  • Ability to download for offline listening
  • Real time sharing
  • Live broadcasting
  • No audio ads

Why you should download JOOX Music?

Apart from the free songs on the album of the app you can also create your own playlists and save your favorite songs. It is simply the best app in terms of music streaming. It has a myriad of features and it offers songs that are not available on any other platform.

The JOOX Music is the fastest app for browsing and playing songs on your device. It’s in built music player has a powerful equalizer that will make any kind of music sound professional.  Users can now control the music style and enjoy the seamless operations of the app.  

I would strongly recommend all Android users to install the great JOOX music app. The popular app has more than 50 million downloads and it is known to work just great. The app requires Android 4.1 and above and there have been no complaints whatsoever with the app on any Android device.

JOOX Music

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