IMO Video Calls and Chat

Communicating over long distances has been made easier using the imo app. Users with this app can freely send messages, videos and even have a video call with their friends at no cost all. What you only require is a good internet connection for the best experience with this app. This app allows an unlimited number of calls and messages and is the best alternative for people who are on a low budget.

Imo is unique as an instant messaging service as it uses a complex system of encryption algorithms and fire walls making it very secure. Businesses and all individuals who use this app are assured of safety and privacy of their messages and information because of this feature. You can also freely choose from hundreds of stickers to add a personal touch to your photos.

Imo is very easy to work with and all major internet connections work just fine. With a 2G, 3G, 4G or even a Wi-Fi network you can talk to your loved ones without interruptions from any location in the world. This compatibility ensures a great deal of flexibility and eliminates any lag time that is usually associated with data transmission.

Features of imo

  • Free to download and use with no charge to messages and video calls
  • High-quality video and voice calls
  • Group chat enabled
  • Numerous free stickers available
  • Easily share videos and photos with friends and family
  • Chats and calls are encrypted for security purposes.

Why should you get imo?

What makes this app stand out is that it offers the high definition and clearness of video calls and voice calls that the users need. This quality also depends on the internet speed one uses. The built in functions are amazing and allows you to share stickers, videos, text and also images. After creating an account and signing in, you can go to the settings location and customize to your liking. The notification can be set to your preference; the history deletion can also be set and much more.

It is amazing that an app with so many features is only about 6MB in size. This is a plus especially if you compare it with other similar apps which take up more than 100MB space on your phone. Even after using imo for a while, the app will not occupy more than 20 MB of your phone’s storage memory. The app can be linked to all major social media platforms like AIM, Facebook messenger and much more. It is also compatible with apple and android phones.

IMO Video Calls and Chat

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