The Facebook app for running the Facebook social network is an enhanced app that does more than social networking. It enables users to create an account or log into an existing account. The app is easy to install and it’s more effective than just an ordinary Facebook account.

Users ca input their information, upload images or videos, update status, add new friends, and also view their friend profile. The app also allows its users to comment on posts shared by friends. The app has an inbuilt feature that allows users to create a favorite group or list. It also receives news feed and other notifications.


Users of the Facebook App are known to keep up with their friends faster than ever. Users are always notified when friends like or comment on your post. This is good in terms of keeping a prompt reply to friends and family. The app is also a perfect platform for free and instant messaging. Apart from chatting, users can also inbox like the web version of Facebook.

The Facebook app is a convenience tool that will allow users to enjoy games and lots of applications. The players can also share their scores on the network. The app is also getting improvements with every update that is released.

Features of the Facebook App

  • A social media platform that connects to friend and family
  • Status updates and Facebook emoticons for easy relay in communication
  • Ability to share photos and videos
  • Get notifications when friends like or comment on your posts
  • Play games with Facebook friends
  • A form of storage that can back-up photos until later retrieval
  • Ability to follow events, artists, websites and other favorite companies
  • A marketplace to buy and sell goods and services
  • Ability to watch live videos

Why you should install the Facebook App?

The social networking platform Facebook is now easier to manage and access through the Facebook App for Android. It is currently popular with more than a billion users who are described to be active. The app lets you post updates, photos or even share links in a split second.

The Facebook App also allows users to access news feed interface and it works just well with all of the Android apps and especially Facebook Messenger. The latest version of the app has an inbuilt feature that can let you find Wi-Fi with a map displayed on your user account.

The Facebook App is surely the social network par excellence. It tops the list of all social networking apps in the world today. The app will also allow you to search for GIF’s in the comments. This is simply the way cool kids want it and the app team just seem to know what is right.

Download and install this free and great app today. It will also act as your personal organizer for storing, saving or even sharing photos. The Facebook app for Android is simply a better tool of immense convenience.  


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