Aptoide is another market for android mobile applications; this store can be used as an alternative to Google Play. The Aptoide marketplace is unique to the play store because it allows users to manage their own customized store. After installation of the app, it allows users to add stores/repositories next to the default store apps. These stores are added through the use of the stores URL where the Aptoide app then retrieves a list of applications from the app and stores it locally. Users can then browse the list of applications or even search the internet for other online stores from Aptoide.

Aptoide has been available for public use since 2009 and has gained a lot of popularity since then. Today, Aptoide has over 120 million unique devices installation. This makes Aptoide a top market for free downloads of apps. There are several versions of this app available for download: a version for smartphones and tablets, Aptoide TV, Aptoide kids for devices for kids and Aptoide VR. Aptoide has over 120,000 free apps and allows users to create their own repo so that app sharing between devices or friends is made possible.

Features of Aptoide

  • Very secure as it is written on the JAVA platform which provides the Bytecode version which is impossible to be deciphered.
  • All apps are downloaded at no cost
  • Find apps that are not even available on Google play
  • Can be used in any location without restrictions
  • Available in over 40 languages

Why you should get Aptoide?

You can set the Aptoide app to sync with other installed apps from other Android markets. This enables you to get the latest updates from different Aptoide users. Aptoide also allows you to create a private and customized store so that employers can share specific apps with their employees.

The Aptoide app can be downgraded to an earlier version at will in case you are unsatisfied with the version that you have installed. This is assuming that the older version is still available for download. With Aptoide, you can also simply upload your Android apps by just putting them all in a dropbox folder where Aptoide will sync with your store.

Get this app today to have a malware free experience. Aptoide is committed to guaranteeing that users are not exposed to malicious malware. As a result, the developers have put several layers of protection and validation of the apps in their system. The ‘trusted stamps’ feature signifies that a specific app is trusted this feature also serves to let users know if an app has been flagged for containing malicious content.


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