AppLock can Lock Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Gallery, Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail, settings, contacts, Gmail, and any other app you prefer. The app also has many features that will give you an upper hand while operating your Android device. This app is very feature rich and works with no hang ups.

AppLock is developed with a high level of privacy and it will also hide your pictures and videos. The pictures or videos will vanish from the gallery and will be visible in the photo and video vault. The app entails a security password and a pattern that is only known by the account owner.

With AppLock you can never fear to share your phone with either a lover, family or a friend for any reason. You just need to move the messages, photos, or whatever it is that you would not like to be seen. The type of keyboard in the app is random to avoid people nearby from peeping on your pin code.

Features of AppLock app for Android, IOS

  • Well-designed themes
  • Default profiles
  • Locks apps with password locks, pattern lock or fingerprint lock
  • A photo vault and video vault
  • Customized background
  • Lock switch (Wi-Fi, sync, Bluetooth, Mobile data)
  • Time Lock: unlock according to time
  • Low memory usage
  • Lock incoming calls
  • Ability to hide the AppLock icon
  • Random keyboard
  • AppLock Widget
  • Allows a brief exit without fingerprint, password or pattern

Why every Android user should install AppLock?

AppLock is the most secure App for Locking your Android files and folders.  Users of the app have an option to enable advanced protection in Protection of AppLock to ensure no one can uninstall or Kill Applock without a password. This fact makes the app quite reliable for both commercial and personal use on your device. This app has been downloaded more than 100 million people. With this app users can now have peace of mind knowing that their gadget cannot be accessed by an unauthorized person.

App lock not only locks the phone it can lock almost every android element. With this app, you can also block incoming calls, various Android toggles like Bluetooth, data access, and even Wi-Fi access. There are also other features that let the app issues standard Android warnings like”the app has stopped”. Download this app today to enjoy the complete security of your android device. This app has the ability to hide from being uninstalled by someone trying to gain access to your Android device.


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