The AccuWeather app is a detailed and easy to use weather app for Android users.  It gives real time conditions for saved locations on your device through its cleverly built widgets. It’s regarded as one of the steady weather apps in the market and it works just great on every Android device. It presents weather data in customizable ways and it can easily integrate with your calendar.

The main page of the app consists of a static image that mimics current weather conditions along with the temperature.   The app is also loaded with precise graphs, maps, radar and video weather forecasts for particularly most regions of the world. It also has regular updates every 15 minutes and it includes minute-by-minute precipitation prediction that is bound to keep users on a constant know.

The app is equipped with an awesome RealFeel index that is perfect for knowing what the temperature feels like and not just plain figures. The AccuWeather app is a tool that is precise for real time data on UV index, visibility, humidity, pressure and dew point. It also has a customized forecast for DIY projects and outdoor fitness.

Features of AccuWeather

  • Both automated and manual informational weather updates
  • Great data visualization through well displayed weather graphs
  • Accurate forecasts for 2.8 million locations across the world
  • Supports more than 27 languages
  • Weather forecasts for up to 15 days
  • Updates every 15 minutes
  • Snapshot view of map on saved locations

Why you should install AccuWeather on your device?

AccuWeather app is a powerful forecasting brains behind many a weather app. It is simple, stable, dependable and yet accurate at all times. The app is able to save and track weather conditions for as much as ten locations and also has a detailed table that shows wind speed, direction, and gusts.

The app has an hourly forecast that is a handy tool for travelers across the globe.  It also has a nice radar map that will show the severity of rain, snow, and ice. The app also has up to date videos and news from across the globe. It will also give users a nice preview of the weather forecast for up to a fortnight.

The AccuWeather brings an innovative and advanced mobile experience that is personalized to each user.  The app includes AccUcast that provides current weather conditions and hazards submitted by users in a real-time global animation map display. This is unmatched by other Android weather apps in the market and that leaves AccuWeather as the best weather app for Android.


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